1-Hour Accessorial Identification

LTL carriers fail to identify about 40% of residential and limited access locations. How many are you missing?

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Shiplify identifies shipments going to residential and limited access locations within an hour of receiving your shipment file. These locations include types such as schools, apartments, private residences, churches, self-storage warehouses and many more.

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Why Shiplify?

A fast, simple approach to accessorial identification

  • Identify ALL of your residential and limited access locations
  • Utilize our 1-hour turnaround to schedule residential appointments, place shipments on the proper equipment, and reduce redeliveries
  • Reduce accounts receivable by sending one, correct invoice to customers

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Process 5 days of shipments completely free

Send us 5 days’ worth of shipments and compare your actual invoices to our results completely free of charge. See how much revenue you’re actually missing.

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At Shiplify we believe in the age old saying that “information is power.” This is why we do everything we can to deliver our results as quickly as possible, so you have the power to run your businesses as efficiently as possible.

The Shiplify team utilizes a unique combination of LTL industry knowledge and technical know-how to create innovative solutions for LTL carriers.

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1-hour accessorial identification is a service provided by Shiplify. We identify and return all your accessorial locations within an hour of receiving your shipment file.

Shiplify can identify any residential and limited access locations included within any carrier tariff. These include private residences, apartments, schools, churches, self-storage warehouses, nursing homes, and more.

Shiplify uses a new, proprietary method of identification that not only allows us to return the most accurate results available, but also allows us to return our results within an hour of receiving your shipments.

We return our results quickly so that you can make time sensitive operational decisions like which type of truck a shipment needs to go on or whether a shipment will require you to call ahead and schedule an appointment for residential delivery. Quick results also allow you to get accurate accessorial charges on your invoice without having delay your billing process.

The cost of Shiplify varies from carrier to carrier. We take your shipment counts, tariff, and current process into account when quoting your company.

No. You pay on a monthly basis. If we don’t provide enough value, you can simply stop paying for the service. It’s that simple.

Simply send us 5 days’ worth of shipments and we will tell you which ones you should have applied location-based accessorial fees to.

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