Real-time accessorial identification for LTL carriers.

Shiplify provides LTL carriers with API access to accurate location data that streamlines operations and increases revenue growth.

Many shipments go to limited access and residential locations unidentified and uncharged. This happens when a driver forgets to mark the bill of lading, or the consignee name looks like a business. Those fees add up.

We process over 300,000 shipments daily to help carriers prevent these mistakes. We identify residential locations, not just residential areas. Unlike other data providers, we rely on more than just RDI codes to provide residential information, increasing your accuracy by 15%.

We also identify limited access locations like schools, churches, self-storage warehouses, nursing homes, military bases and more. Here’s how it works:

Our Process

  • You send us a shipment file.
  • We process your shipments and return limited access and residential locations in under an hour.
  • You use that information to send correct invoices, schedule appointments, and reduce redeliveries.

Don’t take our word for it. See Shiplify in action before you commit.

Send us a file, and we’ll process 5 days of your data for free. You’ll get personalized sample data plus a report demonstrating how much additional revenue you could generate with it.

We let the results speak for themselves. Our goal is that you realize at least a 200% ROI from using Shiplify. You can decide if you want to proceed based on actual numbers and results. No pushy salesmen here.

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