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The Shiplify Process

LTL shipments frequently go to limited-access and residential locations unidentified and uncharged. Existing carrier identification processes typically rely on drivers to update bills at delivery, billers to look for keywords as they key up shipments, or use of data providers that lead to frequent false positive identifications. These processes lead to missed revenue, corrected freight bills, and inconsistent application of fees.

Shiplify provides accurate, real-time location data to help LTL carriers apply the correct accessorial fees to invoices before they are sent to customers. No more missed revenue. No more corrected freight bills. No more surprises. See below to learn how it works.

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Shiplify offers two separate ways to access our location type information:

API or Batch. Our API gives you real-time access on a shipment by shipment level, while our Batch process offers you a simple but effective approach to identify and apply accessorial fees before your initial freight invoice is sent. See below to learn more about each.

Batch Process

Send File

You send us a shipment file.

1 Hour Process

We process your shipments and return in under an hour.

More Revenue

You use that information to send correct invoices, schedule appointments, and reduce redeliveries.

API Process

Enter Shipment

Ping Shiplify API

Collect More Revenue

Shiplify Benefits

Collect More Revenue

Stop letting accessorial revenue fall off the back of the truck. Start collecting all of the fees you are rightfully owed.

Improve Operations

Know before you go. Shiplify's data allows you to know important characteristics about a location before you get there, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Customized Reporting

Leverage our customized reports to gain insights about your network and ours to make informed decisions on how to operate more effectively.

Our demo turns skeptics into believers

Send us up to five days worth of shipments, and we’ll show you the accessorial fees that slipped through the cracks. For free. For real.

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Shiplify 5-Day Demo

1. Send us a .csv file of up to 5 days worth of shipments
2. We run it through the Shiplify Process.
3. We compile our results, provide you with a quote, and return the results for your review.
4. Compare our results to yours. We strive for you to realize at least a 200% ROI.

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